Hoganville Family Farms

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There's a reason why family recipes live on. Our family's style of sauerkraut has survived moves over three continents and thrived into the modern day. Our grandmothers cultivated rows of plentiful cabbage in the family garden, sliced it, and packed it all by hand. Despite modern inventions, not much has changed. We still select the ripest and freshest cabbage, slice it in our kitchen, and pack it with our own two hands. The spirit of our family lives on through food and now it can be passed on to you. Enjoy!

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Hoganville Family Farms Sauerkraut

Once you take your first bite of Hoganville Family Farms sauerkraut, you know it's completely different than other sauerkraut. Naturally fermented, our sauerkraut has only three ingredients: cabbage, salt, and water. You will find a mild flavor and crunchy texture 24 oz