Holmes Made Salsa

Holmes-Made Salsa is a small, family-owned and operated business in Wichita. Our licensed family owned and operated kitchen provides customers with a variety of old fashioned, quality, hand-made products including salsas, fruit spreads, relishes, and BBQ sauces. Visit https://holmes-madesalsa.com/category/kansas to find us in a store near you.

Learn more at https://www.fromthelandofkansas.com/member/holmes-made-salsa

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Holmes Made Cowboy Candy Relish

Sweet-Hot, Candied Jalapeno Relish

Holmes Made Salsa

Mild Garden: Mild, Homestyle, Garden Fresh Flavor
Mango Peach: Sweet, Mild, Mango Flavor
Orange Pineapple: Sweet Tangy, Light-Medium
Medium Garden: Light-Medium, Homestyle, Garden Fresh Flavor
Marty's Chile Verde: Southwest, Verde with Hatch Green Chiles
Roasted Green Chile: Light-Medium Red Salsa with Hatch Green Chiles
Regular w/ a Kick: Strong-Medium, Smooth Texture
Spicy Black Bean w/ Corn: Strong-Medium, Award Winning Southwest Flavor
Marty's Roasted: Light-Hot, Award Winning, Red Salsa with Hatch Green Chiles
Hot: Smooth Texture, Perfect Heat
XX Hot: XXtra Hot Habanero Flavor, Smooth Texture
Nightmare: Ghost Chiles with Our Favorite Blend of Peppers, Super Hot with Flavor!!

Holmes Made Smoky Cowboy Mustard

Sweet, Smoky, Tangy, Mustard

Holmes Made Fruit Spread

Raspberry Jalapeno: Delish Over Cream Cheese

Strawberry Jalapeno: Delish on Hot Breads with Butter

Peach Habanero: Very Hot, Peachy Flavor