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Sticky Spoons evolved from our desire to provide healthy food for our own young families. Our two-fold aim was to retain the wholesome goodness of local foods instead of mass-produced, processed foods, as well as to give our youngsters the experience of harvesting fruits and vegetables for the dinner table.  We started out with what we could grow in our own backyards, and expanded to local orchards and farms. Jelly making simply became a natural extension of fruit-canning, and was a great way to share the bounty with friends and family. We (Kris and Debbie) have been "Sticky Buddies" for going on twenty years now, and fifteen of those have been as Sticky Spoons.

The Kansas Sampler Festival of October 1994 marked the first public appearance of Sticky Spoons. On the recommendation of a friend, we were invited to set up a booth to demonstrate jelly and applesauce making. We needed a name for our booth for the festival organizers, and since spoons are the major instrument in the jelly-making process, and considering how sticky everything got in short order, the name "stuck." The business was formed as an outgrowth of the Kansas Sampler and expanded to the local weekly Farmer's Market in Hutchinson, Kansas. We then expanded to the network of craft-shows and festivals. We load our van full of jellies, aprons, and bread mixes and traversed the state of Kansas, visiting approximately 15 shows annually.

We started out making Apple Cinnamon, Grape, and Peach-flavored jellies, because those fruits were the ones we had canned for our families, but as requests were made for other flavors, we located other sources for fresh fruit outside our own gardens. Today, we have grown to include 20 different flavors, some of which are wild fruits indigenous to the prairie (such as Sandhill Plum and Elderberry) and others from other areas across the United States. For the fruits we are unable to obtain locally, we ensure that they are grown by other small operations, and are free of preservatives and heavy processing. We keep our jelly-making simple and don't add any artificial anything, we make them the "home-style" way, as jellies have been made for generations.

Our bread mixes are also homemade with Kansas-grown wheat, milled in Hudson, Kansas, by Stafford County Mills. Hudson Cream flour is prized by many bakers in our region for its tenderness. Again, no artificial preservatives or ingredients are added to our recipes, which our families have greatly enjoyed greatly for many years.

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Sticky Spoons Jellies

A flavor for every palette and every season!

Sugarless options are made with the same fruit juices as regular jellies, but SPLENDA© replaces the sugar. The consistency of the sugar-free is similar to a fruit-butter.

We use Ultra-Gel, a modified food starch (waxy maize) instead of commercial low-sugar pectin, so it's a gluten free product and has a better set!

Sticky Spoons Quick Bread Mixes

English Oat Scones:These are great with potato soup on a cold February evening! They're also good for, jelly, spring morning on the back porch... you get the picture!

Feather Light Biscuits: Biscuits and gravy? How about biscuits and jelly? These are best warm out of the oven, butter melted in before the jelly is laid down!

Ginger Spice Muffins: A great sweet muffin, especially if you are prone to afternoon tea or coffee.

Irish Soda Bread: Kinda makes you pine for a "cupan tae" as the gaelic would say!

Poppyseed Muffins: These are great any time of day or night. But they're best fresh out of the oven with butter and...jelly!

Scottish Shortbread: Kind of like a thick, soft cookie. Dip them in your coffee, lassie!

California Cornbread: A perfect companion to a bowl of chili or ham & beans. Also great with one of our "hot" pepper jellies.

Kansas Cocoa Cake: Can you say "warm chocolate cake & ice cream?" Then dollop a spoonful of jelly on top of the whole bowl... and snuggle on the couch and watch an old western!

Sticky Spoons Gift Boxes

Tis' the season...for some jelly! We have put together some special gift boxes for your gift-giving pleasure! Our gift boxes come in large and small size. Each box can contain combinations of 3 items. Box price is based on the combination of items.

** Enter selected flavors and mix varieties in text box below for order

Small Gift Box Option 1: Includes 1 quick-bread mix and 4 quarter-pint jellies. ($25.00)

Small Gift Box Option 2: A 3 half-pint jelly option ($19.00)

Small Gift Box Option 3: One quick-bread mix and two half-pint jellies. ($20.00)

Small Gift Box Option 4: 2 quick bread mixes and one half-pint jelly ($21.00)

Small Gift Box Option 5: 1 mix, 1 half-pint, and 2 quarter-pint jelly combination ($22.50)

Small Gift Box Option 6: Your selection of any 6 quarter-pint jellies ($26.50)

Large Gift Box Option 1: Any 2 pint jars and one quick-bread mix ($24.00)

Large Gift Box Option 2: Any 3 pint jars ($25.00)

Large Gift Box Option 3: One each of a mix, pint jar, half-pint jar, and quarter-pint jar ($26.00)

Large Gift Box Option 4: One mix, 4 half-pint jellies of any flavor ($31.00)

Large Gift Box Option 5: 2 mixes and 2 half-pint jellies ($26.50)

Large Gift Box Option 6: One mix and 6 quarter-pint jellies ($33.00)

** Enter selected flavors and mix varieties in text box below for order