Wholly Cow Market

We are the Canny Family or you might call us The Uncanny Family.  Matt & Michelle Canny, along with their three children Sam, Lauren, & Hannah have abandoned the ways of conventional farming and ranching.  We are fifth-generation farmers located in Johnson, KS.  Our cattle operation is called Bear Creek Cattle and our marketing company for our products is Wholly Cow Market.

Matt and Michelle both were a part of a 42,000 head family feed yard in Western, KS.  Grain-fed cattle is all we had known and eaten.  Any mention of grass-fed and our eyes would roll.  Little did we know God had other plans and grass-fed beef would soon be our new venture.  So if you want to argue that corn-fed is better, go ahead!  We will gladly listen. We agree grass-fed beef isn't for everyone.  But we strongly believe, it's the most healthy and tasteful product from our farm.  It's also the best direction for our family and our consumers.  We make our farm and ranch a regenerative oasis for generations to come!