Welcome to the From the Land of Kansas Marketplace

Welcome to the From the Land of Kansas Marketplace.  Explore to find many amazing Kansas products.

The From the Land of Kansas program works to promote and support Kansas farmers, ranchers and agribusinesses that grow, raise or manufacture agriculture products or products for agriculture use. To find out more about the program, please explore the main site at www.fromthelandofkansas.com.

For new recipes featuring Kansas products or produce, visit the recipe blog.

Featured products

Sarah Jane's - Medium Green Tomato Salsa 16 oz

That’s right, we use home grown green tomatoes. The result is a tangier tasting salsa! Not too hot and not too mild. We hear over and over again from customers, “It’s Just Right!” Gluten Free.

From the Land of Kansas Limited-Edition Short Sleeve Shirt

In honor of our 45th anniversary, we are offering a limited-edition classic fit 50/50 cotton/polyester heather indigo t-shirt! From the Land of Kansas has been celebrating and promoting products grown, raised or produced in Kansas since 1978! Choose local, Choose Kansans. Note: Members of the program receive 50% off From the Land of Kansas merchandise. Please email us if you need the code.


Your kitchen WON'T look like A Twister is Coming with our simple and easy Cheesy Garlic Beer Bread. Just mix the packet with one room temperature 12oz. beer, pour in bread pan and cook for 55-60 minutes at 350.

What you'll need: 12 oz can beer (room temp), melted butter (You can substitute ginger ale or club soda for the beer)

Pack of 2.

Spice It Up Dry Meat Rub & BBQ Sauce Combo 4-Pack

Our combo pack gives you the choice to mix & match what you want for less. Includes your choice of two Sassy Sauces & two Sassy Dry Rubs. Our combo packs also includes our recipe card for our quick and simple Chicken Marinade Recipe. Choose two rubs and two barbeque sauces:

Mild & Sassy Dry Rub: Sweet and Savory blend of fresh spices that will caramelize perfectly on any type of meat, fish, or poultry. It is not just for meats! Makes a great seasoning for stir fry, or grilled vegetables. Sprinkle over fresh popcorn for a quick and tasty snack.

Hot & Sassy Dry Rub: This Dry Rub has the same great flavors as the Mild, but we turned up the heat a bit. Sprinkle over some freshly made deviled eggs to add a little extra flavor. Use to make quick and easy Crock-pot Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Mix a couple tablespoon of rub in with a glass of Apple Juice and let your Pork Loin cook on low until done. Shred and use one of our Sassy Sauces as a final touch.

Mild & Sassy Barbeque Sauce: This delicious, sweet and flavorful sauce brings an explosion of flavor in your every bite. Whether it be for dipping your potatoes chips in, to topping a pulled pork sandwich, you won't be disappointed, Use on any type of meats to add a beautiful glaze finish.

Hot & Sassy Barbeque Sauce: The same sweet flavor of the Mild & Sassy, but has a little kick to it. Want to take your baked beans to another level, add some Hot & Sassy Sauce to your mix and then bake them to perfection! Use as a base for a Barbeque Chicken Pizza. It also makes a great dipping sauce.

Extra Hot & Sassy: This can be used for anything and everything, just know that it will take you on a heat wave. Gives a good amount of heat but still allows you to taste the delicious flavor of the sauce. Throw it on some BBQ Nachos, or put a spoonful on top of your baked potatoes.

Sweet Streams Lavender: Lavender & Mint Lip Balm

Lavender & Mint Lip Balm

100% natural, Soothing Lip Balm Lavender and Peppermint


beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil

11th Lane Roastery & Blessed Bees, Soap Bars

Soaps made with our own locally harvested beeswax and honey.

These soap bars are available in 4 different scents, Green Tea, Oatmeal , Coffee , and Lemon.

Marian Vavra Wheat Art: Angels and Maidens

If the art piece is already made, it will be mailed out in two to three days. If the piece needs to be handmade, Marian will need one to three weeks. Marian will be in communication with the customer through email, text, or phone during this time.

Garden Maiden: This sweet maiden adds a decorative accent to a garden themed table or wall display. Using twenty five straws with heads, Marian first creates the skirt by tying at the waist and continues on up forming the arms, neck, head, and lastly the hair. A crown of straw is added behind the maiden. She is embellished with a two-needle flower using straw thread and a green ribbon.
Material - Hand-cut Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat
Size - The size varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 5½”- 6” w x 7”- 8”h cardstock for packaging.

Kansas Angel: This art piece is a lovely way to share Kansas wheat with people who love angels. This angel was selected as MSN.com/PopSugar April 2015 America’s 50 Best Souvenirs by State ~Kansas. “Kansas is one of the country’s largest wheat-producing states, and wheat weavings, like an angel by Marian Vavra, demonstrate the region’s special heritage.” A red ribbon with a dyed straw rose decorates her waist or Marian will work with the customer for ribbon variations.
Material – Hand-cut Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat
Size - The size varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 9½” w x 8½”h cardstock for packaging.

Cocoavino Red Wine Chocolate

Cocoavino’s signature Red Wine Chocolate is a velvety blend of Belgian dark chocolate and a complex red wine reduction. "The rich chocolate flavor finishes with a bloom of wine, offering the best of both in one bite!"

This special treat can be spread on pastries like a croissant, crisp Fall apples, or sweet pastries and cookies. Cocoavino’s Red Wine Chocolate also makes a delicious hot chocolate sauce. Just heat the jar in the microwave and pour over your cheesecake, strawberries and ice cream! Or dig in with a spoon!

From the Land of Kansas Gift Boxes

Give the Gift of Kansas to friends and family all year round. From the Land of Kansas offers two sizes of gift boxes filled with sweet and savory treats everyone will love. All products are Kansas-made, grown, and produced by members of the From the Land of Kansas program.

Konza Box, $30: Bruce’s Bullseye Farms - Sand Plum Jelly, R Family Farms - Pepper Meat Stick, Safely Delicious - Allergy-Friendly Snack Bites (flavor may vary), Twisted Pepper - Garden Veggie Dip, Wright Enterprise - Sunflower Oil, Wheatland Foods - Sunsnax Lightly Salted, The Sweet Granada - Chocolate Bar

Ad Astra Box, $55: Free Day Popcorn - White Popcorn Kernels, Grandma Hoerner’s - Merry Berry Jam, Grannie's Homemade Mustard - Sweet and Tangy Mustard, Holmes Made Salsa - Medium Garden Salsa, Queen Marie Gluten Free - Sugar Cookie Mix, Signet Coffee Roasters - Chai Concentrate Mix, Sweet Streams Lavender - Lavender Mint Lip Balm, Wright Enterprises - Sunflower Oil, Yoder Meats - 6 pack of Teriyaki Meat Sticks, The Sweet Granada - Chocolate Bar

For orders larger than 10, please contact fromthelandofkansas@ks.gov for an order form.

Please note, boxes can NOT be delivered to P.O. Boxes. For multiple shipping addresses, please place each order separately.