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Elderberry Concentrate

Elderberry Concentrate can be added to your favorite beverage, or use as a partial substitute to lemon juice in your favorite recipe.

Lost Trail Soda-4pk

Created in small batches from a long standing family recipe, Lost Trail Soda is a lightly carbonated artisan creation. We use real cane sugar and natural flavors, bottling in 12oz glass for outstanding flavor. Facebook named our Root Beer the official Root Beer of Kansas in 2014! Other flavors available are Cream Soda, Sarsaparilla, Orange and Cream Soda, Strawberry and Cream Soda, Black Cherry Soda and DIET Root Beer (sweetened with sucralose.) Make a float with any of these flavors, and you are in for a real treat! Use the Root Beer to marinade pork, chicken and turkey before grilling or roasting...mmmm!

Louisburg Apple Cider 1/2 Gallon- Shelf Stable

Louisburg Shelf Stable Apple Cider is made fresh with a blend of apple varieties. We add nothing- no sugar or sweetener or preservatives. You can be sure you are getting the finest quality cider! It has been heat pasteurized and is not temperature sensitive, which means that no refrigeration is needed for up to a year, until the jug has been opened. Once opened, you can expect it to last 2-3 weeks in the fridge, if it stays around that long! Our Honeycrisp Cider is made with only Honeycrisp apples, not the regular blend, for a unique, tangy and sweet treat. Beside drinking Louisburg's ciders cold, you can warm the them and add mulling spices for a cozy evening by the fire, or freeze them into a refreshing slush for a summer picnic !

Tip: Cider will become vinegar as it ferments, which opens up another world of possible uses.

Irish Vanilla Coffee Drops

Irish Coffee Drops are a blend of premium vanilla beans that are extracted in high quality Irish Whiskey. The drops are bottled in a 2 oz. amber bottle with a dropper lid.Use a half-dropper full of Coffee Drops in black coffee or add it to your milk before heating. The aroma is heavenly and the taste rounds out the edges of every type of coffee. No added sugar - just an all natural extraction of exotic vanilla beans and high quality spirits