Grandma Hoerner's Fruit Butter

A Healthy Alternative to Butter or Cream Cheese
All Natural
No Preservatives
Naturally Fat Free

Apple Butter: Grandma Hoerner’s Old Fashioned Apple Butter is made with premium, fresh sliced apples. It is slow cooked in small batches to retain flavor. Premium honey, pure vanilla extract, and special spices create a rich, robust flavor...just like Grandma’s. NET WT 12.2 oz (345g)

Pumpkin Butter: Grandma Hoerner’s unique Pumpkin Butter was created by combining fresh orange zest, citrus juices, spices and pumpkin. The result is a beautiful product with a unique flavor twist. NET WT 12.5 oz (340g)

Cranberry Apple: Tangy cranberries blended to smooth perfection with slow-cooked apples and simmered with the perfect blend of spices bring this unique butter to the next level of perfection. NET WT 12.2oz (345g)