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Spice It Up Dry Meat Rub & BBQ Sauce Combo 4-Pack

Our combo pack gives you the choice to mix & match what you want for less. Includes your choice of two Sassy Sauces & two Sassy Dry Rubs. Our combo packs also includes our recipe card for our quick and simple Chicken Marinade Recipe. Choose two rubs and two barbeque sauces:

Mild & Sassy Dry Rub: Sweet and Savory blend of fresh spices that will caramelize perfectly on any type of meat, fish, or poultry. It is not just for meats! Makes a great seasoning for stir fry, or grilled vegetables. Sprinkle over fresh popcorn for a quick and tasty snack.

Hot & Sassy Dry Rub: This Dry Rub has the same great flavors as the Mild, but we turned up the heat a bit. Sprinkle over some freshly made deviled eggs to add a little extra flavor. Use to make quick and easy Crock-pot Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Mix a couple tablespoon of rub in with a glass of Apple Juice and let your Pork Loin cook on low until done. Shred and use one of our Sassy Sauces as a final touch.

Mild & Sassy Barbeque Sauce (TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK): This delicious, sweet and flavorful sauce brings an explosion of flavor in your every bite. Whether it be for dipping your potatoes chips in, to topping a pulled pork sandwich, you won't be disappointed, Use on any type of meats to add a beautiful glaze finish.

Hot & Sassy Barbeque Sauce: The same sweet flavor of the Mild & Sassy, but has a little kick to it. Want to take your baked beans to another level, add some Hot & Sassy Sauce to your mix and then bake them to perfection! Use as a base for a Barbeque Chicken Pizza. It also makes a great dipping sauce.

Extra Hot & Sassy: This can be used for anything and everything, just know that it will take you on a heat wave. Gives a good amount of heat but still allows you to taste the delicious flavor of the sauce. Throw it on some BBQ Nachos, or put a spoonful on top of your baked potatoes.

Sweet Streams Lavender Lavender Essentials Gift Set

We know that you will love this lavender "essentials" gift set. Lavender is so relaxing and calming we hope you will send this special package to your friends and family for any occasion. Lavender "Essentials" Gift Set Contains:

1 Artisan Travel Tin Candle (Select preferred scent available in pure lavender, lavender citrus, lavender sage, lavender sandalwood)

Lavender Headache Roller

1 Lavender Linen Spray

1 Lavender Essential Oil

Wrapped in white box and gray ribbon

Sweet Streams Lavender Lavender Rollers Gift Set

Lavender Roller Gift Set. Four different scents included. Great gift idea all year round and the right size to travel with.

How to Apply:

Roll on a little behind your ears or roll directly on forehead or roll on a diffuser bracelet


1. Lavender Mint Headache Blend - Reduces pain and discomfort caused by any type of headache. Made with: Sweet Streams Lavender essential oil, peppermint essential oil and Jojoba

2. Lavender Mint Orange Focus Blend - Helps to provide memory clarity and focus. Made with: Sweet Streams Lavender essential oil, Orange and peppermint essential oil and Jojoba

3. Lavender Bergamot Serenity Blend - Helps bring calmness and relaxation. Made with: Sweet Streams Lavender essential oil, bergamot essential oil and Jojoba

4. Lavender Mint Eucalyptus Breathe Blend - Reduces blockage and clears airways caused by any stress or pressure. This is a must-have in winter or during high pollen seasons.

Made with: Sweet Streams Lavender essential oil, peppermint, and eucalyptus essential oil, and Jojoba

Made in Bucyrus, Kansas

Queen Marie Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcake Box

One four-pack each of Marie Antoinette's Turtle Cupcakes. (Chocolate cake and white frosting topped with caramel, pecans and chocolate drizzle), Marie Antoinette's Double Chocolate Cupcakes. (Gluten free chocolate cake with chocolate infused chocolate frosting.) and Marie Antoinette's Red Velvet Cupcakes. (Red Velvet Gluten Free Chocolate Cake with cream cheese flavored buttercream icing.)

Queen Marie Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls Box

Three - four-pack of Marie Antoinette's Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls. White pastry bread with a cinnamon-sugar swirl filling topped with white glaze.

Queen Marie Gluten Free "X" Box

Get all 10 mixes in one box. Contains everything in the Breakfast Mix Box Set and the Baker’s Mix Box.

Muffin Mix
Scone Mix
Crepe Mix
Waffle Mix
Brownie Mix
Pie Crust Mix
Chocolate Scone Mix
Chocolate Muffin Mix
Biscuit Mix

A True Kansas Treasure by Joel Condray

Do you remember your favorite stories from your childhood? The stories that would grab your attention and hold on forever in your memory? In 1955, a unique discovery was made in rural Kansas. For years this discovery would be the source of a story told over and over by a grandpa to his grandson. And because of this story, an adventurous bond would be created between them forever. In February 2023, Kansas legislation passed for this dinosaur to be the state land fossil.

KANSAS! Calendar 2023

The KANSAS! calendar showcases the vibrantly, stunning beauty the Sunflower State holds within its border. Each month highlights exquisite images of Kansas from some of the best photographers around our state. Scenes include horses in the Flint Hills, storm clouds thundering across western Kansas, stunning lake views, and more. You will enjoy exploring Kansas' scenery all year long.

This calendar includes moon phases, months-at-a-glance, 2023 year-at-a-glance, 2024 year-at-a-glance, Kansas facts & events, and other important holidays.

KANSAS! Magazine Subscription

Your subscription to KANSAS! magazine includes five (5) issues per year, plus a KANSAS! calendar in the winter and the Kansas Official Travel Guide every summer.
One Year Subscription: $20.00
Two Year Subscription: $36.00

Madd House Goat Milk Lotion

Goat Milk Lotion, 8oz containers

Marian Vavra Wheat Art: Symbolic Ornaments

If the art piece is already made, it will be mailed out in two to three days. If the piece needs to be handmade, Marian will need one to three weeks. Marian will be in communication with the customer through email, text, or phone during this time.

Material - Each piece is made from hand-cut Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat

Treble Clef: Music symbols are meaningful for many people. Here six stems of Kansas wheat are woven together to create a lovely, round textured plait. Carefully twisted into the shape of the Treble Clef, this art piece makes a special gift for music lovers. A red and black checked ribbon decorates this treble clef or Marian will work with the customer for ribbon variations.
Size - The size varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 4.5” w x 9”h cardstock for packaging.

Flower Ornament: A ring of plaited wheat straw makes this a lovely ornament as it showcases the wheat heads in an artistic way. Six straws are wrapped around a straw-covered-wire to create this unique design called an arrow-plait. When the plaiting is finished Marian takes her thumb and forefinger and bends it into the shape of a circle or oval. A silk or paper flower is added to the wheat heads along with a bit of ribbon. Here the ornament uses a pink paper rose and a jute bow or Marian will work with the customer for embellishment variations.
Size - The size varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 3½” w x 5”- 6”h cardstock for packaging.

Starlit Ornament: The Starlit Ornament showcases a six-pointed star, relevant as a religious symbol or as stars in the universe. The star is made by folding two, flattened straws together in a pattern. The circle uses six straw stems of wheat carefully folded following the pattern called a fill-the-gap plait. It is then tied and pinned into a circle shape to dry. A simple red and black checked ribbon accents the top of the ornament. For ribbon variations Marian will work with the customer.
Size - The size varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 3½” w x 5”- 6”h cardstock for packaging.

Horseshoe and Tassel: Kansas has a strong culture of horse breeding, raising them for pleasure and for ranching. This ornament pays honor to them by using straw with an authentic horsehair tassel and a horseshoe nail. The horseshoe shape uses six straws wrapped around a straw-covered-wire to create this unique design called an arrow-plait. When the plaiting is finished Marian takes her thumb and forefinger and bends it into the horseshoe shape. The tassel and nail are then tied on to complete the art piece.
Material - Hand-cut Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat, authentic horseshoe nails and horsehair.
Size - The size varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 3½” w x 5”- 6”h cardstock for packaging.

From Field to Table Sunflower Ornament: This wheat weaving design was created by Marian to decorate the dinner plates for a Kansas harvest celebration in 2018. She and Daughter Christy made eighty five of them! Each one uses seven straws to create the arrow-plait. The sunflower is made from yellow and orange dyed straw that is flattened and applied with glue to a lightweight paper. When dried, a paper punch cuts the flower shapes. A green checked ribbon finishes the ornament.
Size - The size varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 5”- 6” w x 8”- 9”h cardstock for packaging.

Candy Cane or Sheppard’s Crook: Biblically known as the Sheppard’s Crook this traditional Christmas ornament will look festive on the Christmas tree or used as a package tie for the presents under the tree. A red and black checked ribbon decorates the ornament. Marian will work with the customer for ribbon variations.
Size - The size varies due to the natural properties of wheat. The piece is sewn into place on a 5” w x 8 ½” h cardstock for packaging.

Celebrating the Cross by Marian Vavra

Celebrating the Cross
The Sanctuary Crosses of Marian SyWassink Vavra

In 2016, Marian published her book Celebrating the Cross: The Sanctuary Crosses of Marian SyWassink Vavra. Woven into this colorful, photograph-filled book are the stories behind and inspirations for the design of nine masterpiece straw crosses, as well as the prayer written on the back of each. In addition to providing detailed instructions for crosses or companion projects, experienced wheat artist Marian SyWassink Vavra explains the specific techniques needed to complete the artwork. The book is also a comprehensive how-to, technique filled book with instructions and illustrations so others can recreate her art and make their own.

Book size is 8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm) and is 134 pages .

Homemade Gourmet Pet Treats: Gift Pack

These Bags of treats are perfect as gifts for your favorite pets. There are three packages of decorated bags with one large, two medium and three small bones in each gift bag. Kaw-She bones are made using quality ingredients. The treats are baked fresh as orders are received, then hand decorated. Our treat recipes are our own creation, so our products are unique and one-of-a-kind. We bake the moisture out of our treats, therefore, they are a crunchy / tasty treat your pet will beg for more of. These variety packs are available with a variety of all the bones sizes or all one size of bone. This variety pack is approximately ½ pound of treats. We also have cutout treats for special occasions and sports seasons. The ribbons decorating the bags can be curled in multiple colors to help promote your favorite holiday, school or team. (i.e. red/green for Christmas, Orange/black for Halloween, Pink/Red/White for Valentines, etc.)

Prairy Cranberry Trail Mix

This trail mix features cranberries and pineapple for a surprisingly sweet burst of flavor. Available in three convenient sizes to accommodate any sized outing. Produced with all-natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives.

RemeBees: Infused Honey

We handle all our infusions with care so you still get all the allergy fighting benefits from this delicious honey. Our infused honey is made with the real products, no flavoring added.

*It is not recommended feeding honey to children under 12 months of age!


Tropical: infused with mangos, pineapple, orange rose and lemon.
This is great in tea and on a honey glazed ham, it’s not hot, just makes you feel warm and comfy especially in winter when added to tea.

Spice: infused with cinnamon, ginger and cloves.
This is great in coffee, tea and on anything breakfast such as waffles, pancakes, biscuits and French toast (replace that syrup).

Jalapeno: infused with jalapeno peppers.
This is also the magical honey, when you taste it all you get is honey then the pepper and just when you think it will get hot it disappears no after taste no lingering. Milder than the pepper this is great on fish, chicken, biscuits, cheese crackers and ham.

Habanero: infused with habanero peppers.
When you taste it you will taste honey, when you swallow it you will get a burn in the back of the throat and it will linger for a little bit. Milder than the pepper this is great on fish, chicken, biscuits, cheese crackers and ham (some customers say they put it in hot coca for a Mexican hot chocolate).

Lavender: infused with real English lavender.
This is great in coffee, tea and yogurt.

Vanilla: infused with real Madagascar vanilla beans.
This is the most universal infusion you will ever taste. It goes great with foods and drinks – try it in fruit salad! What do you like with vanilla?

Route Step Farm Scrub

Scrub dirt and grime away from hard working hands with this bubbly lather. The pumice powder provides the grit needed to loosen dirt and grease from the creases of hands while exfoliating rough skin. For an added bonus the aloe vera oil acts as a softening agent to provide some moisture back to those dry-cracked hands. The Farm Fresh scent works for all hard-working hands.

Safely Delicious Minty Bites®

Minty Bites is a sweet and crunchy rice-based snack, made with organic peppermint and rich dark chocolate. FREE of the Top 11 Food Allergens (wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, sesame, mustard, sulfites), gluten-free, vegan, low sodium, excellent source of iron, cholesterol-free, and NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Spring Creek Bee Farm Natural Flavor Spun Honey

Spring Creek Bee Farm Natural Flavor Spun Honey comes in a 11.5 ounce jar (no longer available in 16 oz).