Jams, Jellies and Preserves

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Apple Pie Jam

Kling Family Orchards' Apple Pie Jam uses a blend of apples grown in Southeast Kansas and a delightful spice mix to recreate a classic apple pie taste in jam form. Unparalleled on toast or biscuits, the jam also works as a sweet sauce for meats like turkey and ham.

Elderberry Gourmet Jelly

Elderberry Gourmet Jelly, made just like Grandma did back on the farm. We use only the best ingredients, and make one small batch at a time. This gives our products the real homemade taste we loved as children.

Grandma Hoerner's Organic Reduced Sugar Preserves

Organic -Reduced Sugar- Preserves Enjoy a spoonful mixed into your favorite Greek yogurt! • Organic • Fresh Fruit Taste • 33% Less Sugar than Regular Preserves (with the exception of Grape) • No Preservatives • 12.5 oz

Sand Plum Jam

Made from both cultivated and wild sand plums native to Southeast Kansas, Kling Family Orchards' Sand Plum Jam is a delightful combination of sweet and tart, great on toast, in pastries, or on ice cream!

Hoganville Family Farms Sauerkraut

Once you take you 1st bite of Hoganville Family Farms sauerkraut, you know it's completely different than other sauerkraut. Naturally fermented, our sauerkraut has only 3 ingredients: cabbage, salt, and water. You will find a mild flavor and crunchy texture. 24 oz