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Honey Mustard: This is one of Grannie's favorite mustards and one of her best sellers. A hint of sweetness blended with Grannie's tasty mustard.
Sweet & Tangy Mustard: Grannie's Sweet & Tangy is the next best thing to Heaven. If you don't like mustard you've got to try this. Grannie say's you can whip up a tatter salad with this and you will be the talk of the picnic.
Ole Smokee Mustard: "Ole Smokee" is like being around a bar-b-que or campfire with friends or family. This is a wonderful mustard to use to get a great smoke flavor with your meal.
Horseradish Mustard: Grannie's "Horseradish" can give you a little zing. You can use this on almost anything to give it a zip. Try it on a grilled cheese sandwich.
Jalapeno Mustard: Grannie's three step "Jalapeno" will put a kick into your taste buds. Three steps later and boom it grabs you! Our Jalapeno is unique, it takes a while for it to kick in but does not linger.
Hickory Mustard: Grannie's Hickory have a taste of this and you'll think that you've gone down South. It has a touch of Hickory with a southern spicy flavor.
Habanero Mustard: Grannie's Habanero flavor adds an extra punch to whatever you use it for. If you like an extra zing to enhance that sandwich, this is the mustard for you.
Chipotle Mustard: Grannie's Chipotle gives you that taste of chili with a little bit of zip.
Ranch Mustard: With all the ruckus about ranch dressing these days, you might ask who would have thought of Ranch mustard. Well, Kim Young did. Grannie's granddaughter Kim outdid herself with this new dressing from the folks at Grannies Homemade Mustard. You need to try it on your next salad or a dip on your party tray.

Each package is 10 oz.