The Pickle Cottage Case Special

12 jars for the price of 11! Choose the products you'd like in your case below! Descriptions of each are listed below. NET WT 16oz

The Pickle Cottage is a family run business with an emphasis on quality and the preservation of recipes handed down through generations. We remember how good pickles can be and because we grow all the main ingredients that go into each jar, we can ensure its taste and quality. We use both traditional and original recipes with ingredients that are so fresh they were often picked and packed the same day! We love our heritage, our land and our family. Let us share a piece of our rich heritage with you: pure homemade, hand-picked and hand packed goodness.
Manufacturer: The Pickle Cottage

Bread and Butters

Our Bread and Butter pickle is the traditional Bread and Butter pickle like Grandma used to make!  The sweet spicy blend of summer cucumbers and onion makes every bite of our fresh organically grown blend a cut above the rest.  Bread and Butters are a wonderful side, perfect on a relish tray or a great snack right out of the jar!

Dilly Green Beans

A limited seasonal offering.  We can’t seem to grow enough green beans to keep up with demand for this snappy treat!  Dilly Beans are a healthy snack and great served on party or charcuterie trays or try it as a mixed drink stir stick.

Kickin’ Cauliflower

A firm pickle packed with amazing flavor!  One jalapeno gives it enough heat to make you crave more.  Hand-packed goodness goes into every jar, making this pickle one of our top sellers.  It is excellent on charcuterie trays, in salads and is a healthy snack any time of day!

Old Fashioned Pickled Beets

Our old fashioned family recipe from the 1800s.  The spicy blend of allspice and cinnamon evoke memories of Grandma’s kitchen with every bite.  Using fresh beets we grow organically, you won’t be disappointed with this traditional favorite!  These beet wedges are perfect on a relish tray or in salads.

Pickled Garlic

“Wow!  That’s much better than I expected!”  That comment is regularly expressed by those who try our pickled garlic for the first time.  Our pickling process takes much of the pungency out of the garlic, leaving a desire for more!  It is a great addition to hors d'oeuvre or charcuterie boards and nearly all recipes calling for garlic.

Pickled Okra

Our number one seller because of the freshness difference!  Our organically grown and hand-packed okra is usually in the jar just hours after it’s picked.  It is a mild pickle with a touch of crushed red pepper to bolster flavor.  It goes well as a side with barbeque dishes, on relish trays and in salads.

Pickles and Pods

Pickles and Pods is a whole or spear pickle with a kick!  Like most of our products, these ingredients have been in our family since they were seeds!  They were grown organically, hand-picked and hand-packed with a jalapeno for ultimate freshness in every jar.  They are an excellent side to barbeque dishes, in salads and as a healthy snack!

Southwest Dilly Green Tomatoes

The perfect hamburger pickle!  It’s the right shape and size for a round bun and adds a zesty zing to any sandwich!  Each organically grown green tomato and jalapeno is hand-picked and hand-packed to maximize the number of delicious slices in each jar. 

Summer Sensation

Our beautiful designer pickle that showcases summer!  Each jar is hand-packed and meticulously arranged to please the eye as well as the palate.  Our straight-from-the-garden blend of cucumbers, cauliflower, yellow squash, carrots, garlic, jalapeno and dill weed is sure to please every dill pickle lover! 

Sweet Hot Jalapenos

The perfect blend of sweet and hot!  Our organically grown, hand-sliced jalapenos are cooked in a sweet syrup.  They are a treat on sandwiches, pizza, eggs, baked potatoes and can also be used as a barbeque marinade. 

Sweet Summer Medley

Bring the garden inside all year long with this delicious sweet pickle.  Our organically grown summer squash, onion, bell and pimento pepper are well blended in a tangy syrup that pleases the most refined palate.  It is great as a side dish or in salads.

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