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Gluten Free, no MSG, low & light sodium, no artificial flavors or colors

Twisted Pepper Co. was established in 2005. All of our products are signature recipes by Ellie Hughes. She believes in using only the freshest and all natural ingredients. She develops the recipes just like she would cook at home - everything fresh and no additives. She has been reading labels on products for over 25 years and has done research understands the different names of preservatives and sugars and how they are hidden in our foods today. She cares about quality and taste! Her products are the proof!

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Twisted Pepper BBQ Rubs

Chicken Rub, 5.5 oz: Savory & sassy flavor will make every bird a little twisted.
Garlic Jalapeno, 6 oz: A Savory and sizzlin' seasoning that adds a spicy garlic kick to anything you sprinkle it on, offering you a fuller flavor. Great on chicken, seafood, fish, pork, veggies, fries - everything!! This seasoning just won 3rd place in Scovie Awards 2024!
Pig Sweat BBQ Rub, 5 oz: Grillin' just got better with our signature pork rub. Low sodium, No MSG, just more flavor! Great on ribs, pork tenderloin, pork roast, pork chops, anything pork! Pig Sweat Rub just won a 1st Place Scovie Award for 2024!
Outlaws Season All, 5 oz: OUTLANDISH FLAVOR! One seasoning for everything! Expand your taste buds with this seasoning that will complement any meal. Outlaws Season All is excellent for steaks, chops, chicken, dry-rubbed BBQ, fish, and other proteins too. A little Siracha & Cayenne will wake you up. (Not Hot - just right) Sprinkle on anything or make a marinade, your choice! Get creative!
Roadhouse Brisket Rub, 5 oz: Balance of flavors to enhance any smoked brisket. Feel free to use it on other meats as well or adapt it to your particular tastes.
Steakhouse Steak Rub, 5 oz: Steakhouse Steak Rub delivers flavor you will be braggin' about.
Salmon/Fish Chile Rub Seasoning, 5 oz: A savory seasoning with chiles, orange peel, and sea salt for an over the top flavor! Low Salt, No MSG, All Natural, Gluten Free, Sugar Free. Great on salmon, seafood, fish, etc.
Uptown BBQ Rub, 5 oz: This BBQ rub delivers flavor you will be craving! Ideal for about anything you barbecue. This Uptown BBQ Rub has a smokey kick of barbecue in every bite!

Twisted Pepper Dip (or Cheeseball) Mixes

Twisted Pepper in Wichita, Kansas

Cheddar Onion: Everyone loves cheese and onion!
Crazy About Dill: Use this seasoning in mashed potatoes, sauté veggies, eggs, quiches, omelets, stuffed jalapenos and stuffed mushrooms!
Garden Veggie: Want your kids to eat more veggies? This Garden Veggie dip will be a family tradition real soon! Use mix in mashed twice baked potatoes, spice up potato soup, stuffed jalapenos, and party pinwheels.
Jalapeno Cheddar: It's a fabulous flavorful combination, using the right amount of jalapenos! Use as seasoning for stuffed jalapenos, mashed or twice baked potatoes, mix in ground beef for better tasting hamburgers, spice up mac & cheese, or try in party pinwheels.
Margarita Jalapeno: We have taken margaritas and jalapenos and embellished it into a dip that is sure to please the crowd. Sprinkle on chicken or fish before cooking or grilling, or add to guacamole.
Prairie Ranch: One of our best selling dip mixes, Prairie Ranch has a rich buttermilk taste that is creamy and savory. Great to use as a base for fabulous appetizers, entrees and desserts.
Spinach Artichoke: A perfect blend of bliss, Spinach, Parmesan Cheese and Artichokes. Try stuffed mushrooms with this dip! Add to a creamy pasta dish, mix in a quiche before baking, us as a cream cheese spread. Be green - be creative!
Toasted Onion & Garlic: Words cannot describe the delish flavor! Why not use it in anything that needs a little more flavor - It's a pantry staple! This dip is great in mashed or twice baked potatoes. Add to olive oil to make bread dipping oil, or add to creamy pasta sauce or olive oil pasta dish.

*All dips are no MSG, gluten free, and low sodium*

Twisted Pepper Soup Mixes

Baked Potato: Thick and creamy and tastes like you made it from scratch! Everyone loves a delicious potato soup and you can add your favorite additions, sour cream, bacon bits, green chiles, cheddar cheese, etc. Makes 8 servings.
Broccoli Cheddar: Rich, creamy, and delicious. Gourmet taste in minutes. It makes a flavorful soup that is so tasty, just add water, milk, and broccoli. Makes 6 servings.
Chicken Enchilada: Tastes like melted enchiladas in a soup! Easy, fast, and delicious. A family favorite that will have everyone thinking it's a Fiesta! Makes 9 servings.
Chicken Noodle: My grandmother's & my mom's secret recipe! I had to watch them make it - they did not have a recipe (a dash of this and that). Real Simple, Real Good. Make it healthy - add fresh diced carrots. Makes 10 servings.
Cowboy Stew: Blended with the finest spices we could find. Quick & easy and absolutely over the top! Just the right amount of spice for the cowboy in your family! Meat and potatoes please - from a real cowboy who knows want he wants! Makes 12 servings.
Farmers Market Vegetable Beef: Tastes just like fresh picked veggies. Delicious, homemade taste in minutes. Quick & easy and absolutely delicious. Everyone will love this soup mix! Just add your favorite veggies and don't forget to go the the Farmers Market today! Makes 12 servings.
Green Chile Potato: Thick & creamy with a little heat of green chiles. Add jalapeno jack cheese, bacon or sausage, and sour cream. Makes 8 servings.
New Mexico Taco Soup: Fistful of tacos in a soup. Authentic taste, easy and delicious, even a little healthy. Makes 12 servings.
Tortilla: Tastes like homemade in Mexico. Authentic taste, easy and delicious. Our customers tell us this is the best ever! Makes 8 servings.
Twisted Chili: The perfect blend of chili powders make this award winning chili! Serves 8.
White Chicken Chili: Classic recipe with a twist! Add fresh diced jalapenos, shredded jack cheese and chopped cilantro. Serves 10.

*All mixes are no MSG, gluten free, and light sodium*
New Resealable Bag - If you do not want to make all servings of soup, measure out 1/2 of bag and add half of the additional ingredients. Easy & Fast